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Hey, I don’t post here that often. But I have something to say about something I find kind of appalling on Tumblr.

We had a MAJOR victory over DOMA. MAJOR. The filibuster a couple nights ago was also a major victory, made in part by the people who cheered and hollered for ten straight minutes in order to defeat a bill they didn’t want. This is literally a turning point in history.

Yet, I have seen countless, countless angry posts about people saying that we shouldn’t celebrate because bad stuff is still going on, or some people even angrily saying that we shouldn’t feel good about it because it’s just for the moment, or one I also keep seeing, just for the white folk, and then they point out countless reasons why minorities are still having a rough time of it.

You know what? Yes, minorities (who are honestly becoming a majority in our country, and that isn’t a bad thing at all) are still having a rough time of it. Yes, there are still so many terrible things happening around the country. Yes, we still have a long war and countless battles ahead of us.

But you know what? I’m still going to be happy for these victories, because I am a gay woman, and these wins are making HUGE strides into making sure I’m not treated like a second class citizen anymore. Yes, I am privileged because I’m white, and I recognize that, but you don’t get to make me feel bad when I win in the areas where I am not privileged. You don’t get to downplay our victories, just because they don’t encompass everything. And if you don’t celebrate every victory, in the end, everything is just a constant struggle, and I like feeling confident and brave, thank you. 

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