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I haven’t used this blog in a good long while - I have an art blog to the side, but I’ve really been on a path to self healing after having something of a mental breakdown at the beginning of the year.

This is going to be a post about the Trigger Warning debacle flying all over everywhere recently. I’m down to discuss it, agree to disagree, and hear other views, but I’ve written my opinion pretty bluntly. Feel free to scroll on past for whatever reason, no hard feelings. I know this issue has been *everywhere* recently.


We aren’t asking for much, we’re just asking for a heads up in a controlled environment. What we are getting in return is slippery slope logic, with people assuming that we’ll want all literature censored and things spoiled and what not. It’s the “give them an inch, take them a mile” school of thought.

Since people with PTSD have an invisible illness, it makes people uncomfortable that they can’t point to us and say, “Oh, ok, I see that big welt of PTSD on your leg, we’ll make accommodations for you.” PTSD survivors have to prove themselves over and over and over just so that we can survive day to day. This doesn’t mean that everyone does this - there are some grand people out there, and the bad people don’t erase their good deeds. The problem is that there are more people out there that don’t understand why we react the way we do to certain things than there are people who do.

I was finally able to put a name this year to what I’ve lived with for years, with emotions all over everywhere, and not being able to cope. I have Major Depressive Disorder, and PTSD. Both of these are common in tandem, in quite a lot of people. It’s really only now after months of therapy , medication, self-reflection and healing that I’m able to be the person I always was. This doesn’t mean that life comes with trigger warnings that help - it certainly doesn’t, but I’ve developed the coping skills to deal with real life. Sometimes, though, triggers can be unavoidable.

Being triggered feels like dying, straight up, and most of the time you are re-living whatever moment(s) gave you PTSD in the first place, or you have the “flight” instinct running through you so fiercely that you can’t even move or breathe. It can vary from person to person, but it’s common for a triggered person to deal with a tightened chest, racing thoughts, hyperventilation, and that thought of whatever is happening, you need to get the fuck away now, even if it’s just a kid joking around with his dad or a billboard about an abuse helpline. The word “trigger” has gotten quite a lot of misuse lately, from kiddos on Tumblr who thought it sounded cool, and I think that’s where a lot of the ire for the word originated even though it’s spread out to other sites. Trigger is really the only word that can describe it, though.

So we ask that in situations where it is easy to do so - like a classroom - that we have a bit of warning, so that we don’t end up on the floor or shuddering in our chairs with classmates looking on and wondering what is wrong. Life doesn’t have trigger warnings, no, and it’s on the people who deal with triggers to be able to cope and move through life without being hurt by everything, or at least knowing how to process it and move on. A classroom isn’t life though - it’s a set curriculum where you pretty much know what’s going to happen once you get handed the syllabus. While there may be a warning or two in that syllabus, let’s be honest, not a lot of students keep track of them, or read them every class. It takes maybe a minute for the professor/teacher/whatever (this applies to really any controlled environment) to say, “Heads up, guys, this has *blank blank blank*”

And the whole “life doesn’t have trigger warnings” line is so incredibly condescending, to be very very blunt. We know. We live life too. And that’s why most of us have developed coping mechanisms, escape plans, and other methods to at least brute force our way through the day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hide in the cleaning aisle of my local grocery store - the least walked down aisle - because I can’t stop hyperventilating or because I’m just so dizzy (this is more due to the medication I take) or because I’m so anxious that taking a step fills me with fear. WE KNOW. We live with it every day. When you point out that life doesn’t come with a TW, you’re often pointing it out to someone who already knows that.

In conclusion, we don’t want censorship, we don’t want spoilers, and hell, we don’t want to inconvenience anyone. We just want maybe five words spoken that can help someone plan/prepare themselves.

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-dusts off grave dirt- I LIIIIIIIIIIIVE

Hey, I don’t post here that often. But I have something to say about something I find kind of appalling on Tumblr.

We had a MAJOR victory over DOMA. MAJOR. The filibuster a couple nights ago was also a major victory, made in part by the people who cheered and hollered for ten straight minutes in order to defeat a bill they didn’t want. This is literally a turning point in history.

Yet, I have seen countless, countless angry posts about people saying that we shouldn’t celebrate because bad stuff is still going on, or some people even angrily saying that we shouldn’t feel good about it because it’s just for the moment, or one I also keep seeing, just for the white folk, and then they point out countless reasons why minorities are still having a rough time of it.

You know what? Yes, minorities (who are honestly becoming a majority in our country, and that isn’t a bad thing at all) are still having a rough time of it. Yes, there are still so many terrible things happening around the country. Yes, we still have a long war and countless battles ahead of us.

But you know what? I’m still going to be happy for these victories, because I am a gay woman, and these wins are making HUGE strides into making sure I’m not treated like a second class citizen anymore. Yes, I am privileged because I’m white, and I recognize that, but you don’t get to make me feel bad when I win in the areas where I am not privileged. You don’t get to downplay our victories, just because they don’t encompass everything. And if you don’t celebrate every victory, in the end, everything is just a constant struggle, and I like feeling confident and brave, thank you. 

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Taxidermy Tales: The Creature


The Original Ad:


My conversation with the ad poster:




Navigating caves in early Pokemon games

This is still one of the better remixes out there.

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Swedish Chef Ramsay

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